Adobe Photoshop training courses

One of the world's best-known programs, Adobe Photoshop is used for a multitude of applications: photographic retouching, print and web design, social networking memes, advanced composition, post-production, 3D design, animation, analysis, digital artwork... It's an incredible piece of software with many levels of depth, numerous features, and there is always something new to learn. Having said that, Photoshop can also be surprisingly user-friendly, and you can be producing professional work with just a few day's training!

Course outlines

The outlines included here provide a guide to the topics I cover during typical training courses. You don't have to follow a particular outline, topics can be mixed and matched according to your requirements.

Getting started with Photoshop

Aimed at anyone who wants to use Photoshop for tasks such as preparing graphics for the Web, for e-marketing, social networking or for presentations, this quickstart course cuts through the complexity, and teaches you the fundamental skills and techniques that will let you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Photoshop for e-marketing, social media and the Web

Photoshop is the number one application for designing, editing and optimising images for websites, social networks and email marketing. This course will teach you all you need to know about image resolution, file types, image quality and optimisation. You’ll also learn about powerful design and composition techniques specifically aimed at online applications. In-class projects are based on real-world production tasks including designing a header for a Facebook page, editing social icons and exporting assets for web design and email tempates.

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Photoshop advanced design techniques

Aimed at users with some experience of Photoshop, this course covers a wide range of sophisticated design techniques for print and the web, centered around gaining an in-depth knowledge of Layers, Masks, Channels, Smart Objects, Smart Filters and other related topics. You will learn how to make complex selections, create photorealistic images from scratch, work in 3D space and more.

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3D in Photoshop