Adobe Muse training courses

Muse is a creative cloud application from Adobe that lets you to freelay design and build websites without having to write any code at all. That may sound a little too good to be true, but Muse lives up to the hype. You really can create sophisticated, responsive sites without any coding whatsoever!

Is Muse for me?

First of all, you don't need to be a graphic designer to use Muse - if you don't want to design from scratch, there are plenty of pre-designed templates available. However, if you do have some design skills, then the big advantage of Muse is that you can literally do anything you want - you are not restricted by Templates or Themes (as you would be with Squarespace or Wordpress).

Muse includes features such as photo galleries, slideshows, video, full-screen elements, lightbox displays and more. There is growing number of third party 'widgets' available for Muse, that let you everything from animation to e-commerce. If you need to build websites for your clients, Muse supports in-browser editing, so your clients can update text and graphics themselves.

If you want complete control over the design of your site, but don't want to take the time to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript, then Muse is the solution for you.

Course outline

Building a website with Adobe Muse

Starting from scratch, this course takes you through two website projects. The first project is a simple multi-page website. We use this to teach the basics of site design and construction in Muse. The second project is a single page site with animated scrolling. This site includes all the stuff you'd expect to find in a modern website: multiple sections, same-page navigation, responsive design, mobile menus, full-width images and slideshows, contact form, maps, download links, webfonts and more...

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