Mailchimp training courses

I'm an accredited Mailchimp expert; here's a link to my page on the Mailchimp experts directory. I've delivered numerous Mailchimp courses, workshops and seminars for a wide range of clients.

Mailchimp is the most widely used email marketing service provider. It has over 7 million users, and collectively they send around 10 billion emails per month! Book a course, and learn how to do everything you need in Mailchimp.

Up and running with Mailchimp

Master the essentials of Mailchimp quickly and with minimum fuss. Learn about the really important stuff: mailing lists, subscriber management, segmentation and grouping, signup forms and how to design and build beautiful and professional looking email templates. Ask questions, get the answers you need, and take real control of your email marketing campaigns. This course includes professional level tips and tricks that will raise your e-marketing to the next level.

  • Build your mailing list - import and manage subscribers
  • Segmentation and grouping - add custom fields to your list, and target your audience
  • Signup forms - customise and design
  • Templates = design and build using professional techniques, tips and tricks. Learn simple design rules that will make your templates look outstanding
  • Configure email campaigns - learn about the different types of campaigns
  • Learn how Automation can transform your email strategies
  • Learn about Integration with social networks and other apps
  • Learn just enough HTML and CSS code to fix those tricky bits of content that don't look right...

I've delivered numerous Mailchimp courses to a wide range of individuals, small businesses and corporate clients. I've delivered workshops and seminars to large groups from a range of different industries, and importantly, I've been using Mailchimp pretty much since it's orginal release.

Requirements: Access to a Mailchimp account (the Forever Free account is fine).
If you are attending a scheduled course, you'll need to bring your own laptop.

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