Adobe Illustrator training courses

Adobe Illustrator is a 'must have' skill for people working in a wide range of creative areas. Logo design, Typography, Technical Illustration, Patterns, Flyers, Packaging, 3D, Perspective drawing, Web Design - Illustrator is the most powerful vector graphics application there is.

Course outlines

The outlines included here provide a guide to the topics I cover on typical training courses. You don't have to follow a particular outline though. Individual topics can be mixed and matched according to your requirements. Also, trends and methods tend to change pretty quickly in the web industry, so new topics and techniques may appear without warning! The course outlines provide a general framework for us to work with. Outlines are downloadable in pdf format.

Adobe Illustrator Introduction

This course is aimed at new users or at those who already have a little experience, and it will teach you how to use Illustrator for the production of a wide range of graphical elements. From designing and producing logos through to tracing complex images, we concentrate on the essential drawing and production techniques, taking full advantage of Illustrator's wide range of tools and features.

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Adobe Illustrator Advanced

This course begins by filling in the gaps in your knowledge, and then goes much further, covering a range of powerful techniques aimed at both print and the screen. Real artwork and design projects are used to demonstrate efficient production methods. Delegates are encouraged to bring projects in and to explore specific areas of interest.

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Perspective in Illustrator