HTML & CSS - web development and email coding courses

HTML is the language that made the Web. You can't find a better place to begin learning about editing or building web content of any type. HTML provides the structure for all webpages, so it's essential as a foundation for learning about web design, and is an important skill for almost everyone! HTML can be pretty simple, and a lot of people will learn everything they need to know in a day.

CSS works alongside HTML to provide everything to do with presentation - typography, colour, page layout and more. For designers, learning CSS is absolutely essential. CSS goes further - special effects such as transparency, shadows and even animation are possible. Very importantly, it also allows us to build responsive sites that look great on mobiles as well as larger screens.

Who needs to learn HTML & CSS?

  • Email marketers who want to edit or code their own HTML email templates
  • People who are editing web pages using a Content Managment System (CMS)
  • Business owners who want to build and/or maintain their own website
  • People who want to design and build their own HTML email templates
  • Aspiring web developers
  • Graphic designers who want to be able to communicate with web developers
  • Graphic designers who want to become web designers!

Introduction to HTML & CSS

HTML is the core language for creating web pages. It provides fundamental structure and content. CSS works with the HTML, and provides formatting and design. This course is aimed at anyone who wants to begin editing and writing their own HTML & CSS code. Whether you just need to edit text using a Content Management System, or want to learn to build websites or create HTML emails, this 1-day course is an essential starting point. It’s also a prerequisite for anyone wishing to attend more advanced coding courses.

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HTML email coding

Coding your own HTML emails is how you can take complete control of the design and layoutof your email templates. This course is a great introduction to the topic - you’ll learn how to edit and build page layouts with tables and structural elements, utilise a starter template and codesnippets to create mobile-friendly designs, and you’ll learn how to test and ensure that youremails work across all email clients.

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Getting started with CSS

A great way to get up and running with CSS, this course starts with the basic concepts, and quickly moves into building page layouts, typography, building great looking menus and strategies for efficient design and development.

Requirements: A working knowledge of HTML. Delegates should be confident about writing HTML code using a text editor. Ideally, you’ll have attended the ‘Getting started with HTML course’.

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Responsive web design with HTML, CSS & jQuery

This course is aimed at developers and designers who want to learn cutting-edge techniques for designing and building webpages. The course concentrates on using semantic markup in HTML5, and on techniques for building responsive pages that configure themselves automatically depending on screen size. You’ll also learn how to incorporate jQuery plugins for animation and navigation (no programming required).

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