Adobe Animate training courses

Adobe Animate (formerly known as Flash) is Adobe's longstanding Rich Media and animation program. With it's sophisticated multimedia and animation capabilities, Animate can be used for a wide range of purposes - banner ads, corporate video, hand-drawn animation, interactive applications, e-learning...

Building HTM5 ads in Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is the industry standard for creating HTML5 ads. This course teaches essential skills for designing, building and deploying ads with Animate. Learn how to create artwork in Animate, and how to import artwork from Photoshop and Illustrator. Create eye-catching, sophisticated animations and learn simple coding techniques for interactive buttons, ClickTags and timed repeats. You’ll get to take away sample Animate files that you can re-use for your own projects.

  • Quick list of topics:
  • Drawing in Animate
  • Importing Artwork from Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Working with Symbols
  • Animation techniques - frame by frame, tweening, motion guides, masks
  • Project optimisation - working with images and vector graphics
  • Publishing projects
  • Basic coding technqiues for clicktags, stopping a movie, repeating a specific number of times
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