Expert training & consultancy in Mailchimp, HTML & CSS coding, Coding HTML emails, Adobe Animate, Adobe Muse, Photoshop and Illustrator. Email template design.

I'm based in Melbourne, Australia. You can get in touch on 0435 829 914, or send me an enquiry here.

Featured courses

Creating a website in Adobe Muse

From a blank canvas to an awesome website with no coding.

Duration: 1 day

Starting from scratch, this course takes you through two website projects. The first project is a simple multi-page website. We use this to teach the basics of site design and construction in Muse. The second project is a single page site with animated scrolling.

Here's a live version of the site you'll build during the course: check out the Muse Café website

This project includes all the stuff you'd expect to find in a modern website: multiple sections, same-page scrolling navigation, responsive design, mobile menu, full-width images and slideshow, contact form, map, pdf download and email links, webfonts and more...

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Up and Running with Mailchimp

Build your mailing list, manage segments and groups and design beautiful templates.

Duration: 1 day

Master the essentials of Mailchimp quickly and with minimum fuss. Learn about the really important stuff: mailing lists, subscriber management, segmentation and grouping, signup forms and how to design and build amazing email templates. Take things even further with Automation and Reports. Ask questions, get the answers you need, and take real control of your email marketing campaigns. This course includes professional level tips that will raise your e-marketing to the next level.

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Building HTM5 ads in Adobe Animate

Design, create and deploy animated HTML5 banner ads.

Duration: 1 day

Adobe Animate is the industry standard for creating HTML5 ads. This course teaches essential skills for designing, building and deploying ads with Animate. Learn how to create artwork in Animate, and import animation-ready artwork from Photoshop and Illustrator. Create eye-catching, sophisticated animations and learn simple coding techniques for interactive buttons, ClickTags and repeats. You’ll take away sample Animate files that you can re-use for your own projects.

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About me

I am a qualified trainer and instructional designer with more than 20 years experience in web design and development, creative software and digital arts. My training courses are designed to deliver essential skills and techniques with maximum clarity and effectiveness. Course projects are based on real-world examples, and the training you receive is backed up by six months free support. I have a solid background in presenting to both small and large groups, and have delivered courses, seminars and workshops for a wide range of clients.

Workshop training sessions

As well as delivering conventional training sessions. I spend a good deal of my time working on a one to one basis with my clients, delivering training in a 'workshop' style. This means that rather than working through preset projects, we base the training session around real work that you need to produce. For example, combining multiple lists in Mailchimp, building a landing page in Muse, or creating a banner ad in Animate. By incorporating these tasks into the learning process, you get to produce the work you need, while gaining the confidence to create future projects on your own.


Consultancy and training in Mailchimp

Mailchimp Expert

You can find me on the Mailchimp experts directory.

Mailchimp is pretty remarkable. It may come across as being informal, but it's one of the most sophisticated ESPs (Email Service Providers) around, and is very powerful. Mailchimp is constantly evolving, and the free account now inlcudes automation, and even the ability to build your own landing pages!

If you are getting started or need help with Mailchimp, I can help with the complete process: from setting up a mailing list and defining Groups and Segments, to building templates and sending email campaigns.

If you want to learn how to do it yourself, that's great. I provide training and consultancy in the following topics:

  • Mailchimp setup and configuration - how the system works, and how to optimise it.
  • Building and managing a mailing list - small or large, your mailing list is your most important asset.
  • Segmentation and grouping - dramatically increase open rates and clicks by sending to selected subscribers based on a range of criteria and conditions -  gather data from your subscribers, and customise your list according to your business requirements.
  • If you currently have muliple lists, I can help with list consolidation - putting subscribers in Groups rather than seperate lists is much more efficient.
  • Designing and customising signup forms, including using CSS to design your embedded forms.
  • Email Template design - learn professional techniques that will help you build drag and drop templates that look like thy've been hand-coded by an expert designer.
  • Advanced template features - merge tags, dynamic content and other customisations.
  • Automation - setting up email workflows that manage themselves.
  • Top tips and tricks for effective e-marketing.

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Freddie from Mailchimp

Email template design

I design and hand-code user-friendly templates for Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and other e-marketing platforms. Email Templates can include highly customised elements such as repeatable, variable and optional elements, custom artwork, animation and personalisation.
I provide detailed end-user instruction, so the end user can confidently create, edit and deliver effective email campaigns.

I use cutting edge techniques to ensure that emails display correctly across all platforms, and even in hard to please email programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

As a developer, I also work with Graphic Designers, converting designs into code with pixel perfect precision.

If you'd like to see some examples of templates I've built, get in touch, and I'll be happy to send some over.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about training courses, email template design/development or if you just want to ask a question, feel free to give me a call or send a message. I look foward to hearing from you.

Call  0435 829 914


Emma's comments were really nice, so I decided to include them in full...

Paul came to my workplace and spent two intensive days training me one-on-one in CSS and responsive design. I have a web development background but responsive design was a new technology for me, and my CSS skills are self-taught so contained a lot of gaps.

Paul was able to take my specific questions and scenarios and tailor the training to be directly relevant to my projects. I asked all of the "silly" questions and Paul gave me detailed and thorough responses, making sure that I understood each answer before moving onto the next concept. The training was well balanced between learning the theory then putting it into practice immediately afterwards to reinforce my understanding.

The CSS training has given me greatly increased confidence in my skills, a much clearer understanding of how CSS works, and the ability to develop much more efficiently. As a result of the responsive training I was able to rebuild one of our sites completely in-house responsively – the clients and my colleagues were impressed!

Paul's rates were very reasonable, and the ability to complete more of our development work in-house and more efficiently has saved us significant money, which is a must in a government organisation where budget is always crucial.

I highly recommend Paul's services and wouldn't hesitate to engage him again when the need arises.'

City of Greater Bendigo

Some of my clients

Australian Wool Network
My Local Broker
Film Victoria
Deakin High School
Virgin Media
Rolls Royce
Canon UK
The BBC The Open University